Infantino Baby Slings Recalled After Infant Deaths

infantino baby sling
Photo from Amazon
Over one million baby slings by Infantino have been recalled after being blamed for three infant deaths. Parents are warned to stop using the Infantino "Sling Rider" and "Wendy Bellissimo" immeditately with babies under four months old.


As someone who used the Ultimate Baby Wrap, Baby Bjorn and still uses the Ergo -- I'm a big fan of baby wearing. But some of the slings I tested, including the Infantino "Wendy Bellissimo" were awkward and seemed uncomfortable for my baby. I never suspected they would be deadly.

I also thought a lot of the reports on the dangers of slings were exaggerated, or could be blamed on user error until I saw this devastating video of a mother who lost her infant as she was smothered in the Infantino.

This is heartbreaking -- please if you know someone who uses these Infantino slings, or one that is constructed in a similar manner, show them this article. Parents need to know the correct way to use slings, and how to prevent the unthinkable.

Contact Infantino for a replacement product.

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