Rotavirus Vaccine Warning

Flickr: Photo by Zaldylmg
When you head into your peds office for the rotavirus vaccine, you might want to ask to see the label.

The FDA has just issued a warning about Rotarix, the rotavirus vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline. While no adverse effects have been reported, testing needs to be done on this particular batch as a pig virus, PCV1, was found in the supply. While this pig virus is not known to cause any problem in humans, the FDA is not taking any chances and recommends that pediatricians use a competing vaccine, manufactured by Merck.


My one-year-old just got his vaccines yesterday, the MMR and chicken pox -- not the rotavirus. But this kind of thing always makes me sweat. Hopefully nothing will be found and the removal of the vaccine and subsequent testing will be all for naught.

Still, this is not going to help reassure nervous parents who are already suspicious of vaccines.

Does this warning make you more scared of vaccines?

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