Babies Pooping in the Night

The Little Pooper
After one full week of no night wakings, I'm thinking my one-year-old is sleeping through the night! Huzzah!

However, I know just one poorly timed poop can, and will, change all of that bedtime bliss.


For some reason, we've got a little night pooper on our hands. My daughter never did this, so it's all new to me and I'm not sure how to get him to keep his poop in his system until say, 7am. Or even 6am, really. I'm not asking for much.

After checking out the message boards here, I'm feeling kind of alone! Really? No overnight poopers in the bunch? Since he's such a big eater, we don't want to skimp on his dinner. He's with a sitter during the day, so we also can't experiment with giving him small meals throughout the day versus three squares. (Although I have no idea if that would work -- totally grasping at straws here.)

We're on a good sleep roll right now, so I really don't want to sideline his progress on account of a BM. I really, really don't.


Any tricks to keep the poop away after dark?


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