Rocking Horse? Try a Plush Rocking Dinosaur Instead!

rocking horse dinosaur
Danny Dinosaur; Baby Ant

While walking around my neighborhood last weekend, I saw lots of kids rocking on those plastic horses that eat quarters and play a little song. Part of me wished I was little enough to ride one and part of me wished my twins were big enough so I can get the same big smiles the little boy on the horsey was giving his parents.

But then I thought about the germs that come along with that giddyup.


I know I've got to get over my germophobia (or just carry around a box of sani-wipes), but then I found these adorable plus rocking ride-on toys from RockABye.

There's Danny Dinosaur, Rory Lion, Buttercup Cow, Colt Horse, Rafi Giraffe, Betty Butterfly, and Sandy Snail ($94.99 - $99.99) from Baby Ant.

rocking chair giraffe
Rafi Giraffe; Baby Ant

These plush rockers play music and also squeak, rattle, and crinkle -- good for kids 9 months to 3 years or 50 pounds. By the time Christmas comes around my babies will be big enough for a ride, so maybe I can start saving now.

Hmm ... will I need two, one for each baby? Too expensive. This will be a lesson in sharing.

Aren't these plush rocking animals cute?

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