Nursery Tour: Elizabeth of Princess Nebraska

Photo by Elizabeth
is not only one of my favorite bloggers (Princess Nebraska), she's one of my favorite people. She has more style in her pinky than I could ever hope to have, and her son's room proves me right.

She designed a vintage-inspired nursery that has such charm.

Let's take a look ...








What sites/stores inspired you when planning your son's nursery?

Definitely Pottery Barn Kids. And Apartment Therapy Nurseries (Ohdeedoh) as well -- I am sure they influenced the vintage look in the nursery.

Photo by Elizabeth
What was design element that was really important to you beforehand?

The most important thing to me was the bookshelf. I cared more that we had a bookshelf and tons of books than about anything else -- even a crib. I am so hopeful my kids will love books as much as I did and still do, and I wanted that to be a huge factor in the nursery.

What's one thing you'd go back and do differently in the nursery?

I wish I would have bought a long, low dresser (that could also be used as a changing table) right from the beginning instead of buying a dresser and a changing table. The changing table looked nice, but it wasn't well-made and we ended up having to fix it up every few months. Eventually we ended up just throwing it out.

Photo by Elizabeth

What came out exactly (or better!) than you expected?

We refinished the crib (from "cherry" to a dark brown stain) and it was so much work but now I feel like a $100 Craigslist find is a family heirloom. 

The other thing I really loved about the nursery was that my mother-in-law had saved a ton of things from when my husband was a baby and we used a lot of it -- an old stuffed dinosaur, an embroidered baby bib, a cast-iron tractor. All that stuff gave the nursery a really cool vintage vibe, and it was free! It was extra special it had belonged to Eli's dad way back when. 


Photo by Elizabeth
How did you cut corners or save money on your nursery?

We bought a lot of furniture on Craigslist and searched for bargains on eBay and at garage sales and online. We also got some used furniture from friends that would otherwise have been given away.

Also, two of the framed alphabets are actually pieces of Cavallini wrapping paper -- those were only a few dollars each for a nice big piece of art. We used a lot of the gifts of clothes and toys that we received as decoration in the room -- cute little baby shoes don't actually get worn that much, but they are still pretty darn adorable sitting on top of a dresser. 

Photo by Elizabeth

What's your one piece of nursery advice for soon-to-be or new moms?

A lot of people tell you ahead of time to just relax and not worry so much about having a fancy completely finished nursery. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a cute and completed room ready for your baby to come home to, especially if you're the kind of person who needs to cross stuff off that "To Do" list in order to feel ready and relaxed. Don't let people make you feel badly about this! You're allowed to go a little overboard and have fun buying cute baby stuff for your kiddo's new room.
I think every room is made in the details, especially nurseries. This room reminds me of that -- the little shoes on diplay, the journal on the bookcase, the books and letters and stuffed animals. Every piece was hand-picked and makes the room look like it was designed by a professional.
Elizabeth is now expecting her second baby (a girl!), so hopefully we can spotlight her updated nursery in the future.
Thanks, Elizabeth!
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