Reader Comments: MMR, Glam-mas & Babies with Bow Ties

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Here's what you had to say last week. And how!


When Michele asked, What Do You Expect From Your Baby's Grandparents? Happypancake had a hilarious response:

"MIL is definitely a Glam-ma. We rarely ask her to babysit unless it's last resort. "You mean you want me to watch BOTH kids?!?! At the SAME TIME!!?!?"

Mrs_Mike offered a potential solution for those nervous about the MMR vaccine in MMR Vaccine - Are You Still Worried?

"My daughter had a bad reaction to MMR. High fever and hospitalization. Her pediatrician also felt it was a result of the shot. So I waited until the rest of my kids were 3 before they got MMR. It was just the choice that gave me better peace of mind for their safety." 

Lots of other kinds of reactions to Baby Sleep Advice, Hot off the Presses! Here's one somewhere in the middle of the debate by so1986.

"I agree with Calhoun to a point. If the baby is fed and has a clean diaper, not teething, and not sick, let him CIO. I have been told by numerous people with plenty of experience to let him cry. At first I let him control me. Now, if he is having a tantrum and cries because he doesn't get to play at midnight, let him cry."

RanaAurora confessed as well in comments for New Mom Secret: I Bailed on My Kid's Baby Book.

"I decorated the cover of my son's and that's as far as I got. He's almost six."

CafeJenn weighed on the conversation surrounding, Formula Fed America - Have You Seen This? Here's part of her personal story.

"I BF with my first one for almost 4 months but I didn't have enough support to continue because of that I didn't even attempt to BF my second. I was afraid I couldn't keep up with a 2 year old and a newborn after my experience with my first. After the education I've received on CafeMom, if I'm ever blessed with another I'm going to try my hardest to BF. I think there are just tons of moms out there who don't have the support they need and don't know where to turn."

Mrscoty with the funniest, and most cringe-worthy answer to How Do New Moms Find Time to Bathe?

"...i tried to give him a bath with me once and he pooped in my water. i prayed it was just gas but oh boy was i wrong!

NearSeattleMom agrees, Bow Ties on Babies! are a fashion "do."

"Super adorable. Gotta dress your babies cute when they're little because once they are 12 or 17 (like mine), they won't even wear a shirt with a collar because it's so uncool."

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