Foreign Alphabet Baby Blocks; Homemade Samoas: Links I Love

foreign language blocks
Foreign Language Blocks; Lindenwood
It's finally the weekend! Time for a leisurely stroll through these links I love.

An oldie but goodie -- a recipe for homemade Samoa cookies -- by Parents Need To Eat Too author Debbie Koenig. Perfect Sunday activity with the kids! -- Word to Eat By

An inspiring tale about bonding with your kids over books. It's never too early to start!  -- NY Times

Teach your kid the alphabet in French, Chinese or Spanish. Lindenwood makes gorgeous foreign language baby blocks! -- Lindenwood Toys

Padma Lakshmi calls new baby Krishna a "burst of joy." -- Celeb Baby

A sweet story about two kids, 9 and 11, helping deliver their baby brother at home in California. -- ABC News

Josh Tyson is in awe of his wife's birthing experience. -- The Motherlode

Is watching Supernanny bad for new parents? -- BlogHer

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