Necessary Baby Items -- All In One Mini Bag

diaper bag
Oopsie Ditty: Bella Tunno
My husband and I have a checklist for when we venture out for a walk with the twins. It's not an actual list we check things off of, it's in our head, which is why we so often forget something.

Maybe the Oopsie Ditty Solution Sack ($35) from Bella Tunno could save us from using flimsy napkins from delis or worse, our sleeves, when we find ourselves without those essentials. 


This sack has a disposable bib, placement, and pad that can be used for diaper changes or just sitting, plus stain remover, antibacterial wipes, Band Aids, baby wipes, crayons, and a pen and notepad. It's all in a pretty printed bag that can be used as a clutch for a mom's night out.

I think it's a great gift for a new mama. I'm going to stash the one they sent me in my diaper bag as soon as I get home. Maybe even use that pen and notepad to make a real checklist.

Do you have any unexpected must-haves in your diaper bag?

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