Baby Ear Piercing Is a No-No for Me

Photo by rockerchic
When people meet my 3-month-old daughter they often ask, "Are you going to get her ears pierced?"

The first time I was questioned I blurted out a NO! But then I realized I did that to a mom who had her daughter's ears pierced at a young age.

I didn't mean to make her feel bad, it just seemed like a weird question to me.

Is it a cultural thing? A regional thing? A rite of passage?


I just can't do it. My little girl had a bad case of diaper rash a few weeks ago and it nearly did me in.

And it's not that I don't love piercings -- I've had my septum, nostril, tongue, belly button, and ears pierced. I just worry about the repercussions for my girl.

What if her piercing got infected? What if she gets a bad reaction from it? What if she rips it out? Too many what ifs for me.

Maybe this is just the start of me learning I am an overprotective mommy.

Moms weigh the risk and decide for themselves on this topic. But for me, I'm waiting until Penelope tells me, Mommy, I want to wear earrings just like you. And after holding back the tears of joy that my little lady admires me that much, I will take her to a sterile piercing studio (that I would thoroughly research ahead of time) and then we'll go out for ice cream.

Where do you stand on the baby ear piercing topic?

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