Best Baby Comments of the Week

ashley simpson
Photo from Twitter, ashsimpsonwentz

One of the best parts of blogging -- most bloggers will agree -- is the community created on a website through its comments section. So, today, we're spotlighting the best-of-the-best comments from The Stir's baby channel and from other great places around the Internet.


- From the post "Would You Introduce Your Baby to Your Ex? Kendra Did," MamiJaAyla said: "I dated people that I gen. liked as a person so even when we were no longer toghether (and after some time) was happy to stay friends with them... to whatever extent life let us."

I loved her thought on this, especially since it rang so true for me. One of my dearest friends and a huge source of support to me as a mom is a woman who just-so-happens to be my husband's ex-girlfriend.

- From the post "Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss," CafeJenn said "I used to read There's a Wocket in your pocket all the time to my oldest when he was little. I read it so much I had it memorized.  Maybe I'll dig it out to read to them again tonight."

I love that such a sad event reminded this mom of something so sweet. 

- Ashlee Simpson-Wentz sent this tweet out last weekend, "Sunday is my favorite day of the week! Hangin with the lil man and dancing to yo gabba gabba."

Admittedly, I never thought I'd have a thing in common with this pop star, but her Sundays sound a lot like mine. Refreshing.

Any great baby-related comments you'd care to share?

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