Baby's First Easter Basket

easter basket

Photo from $12-34

I don't know about you, but as a (somewhat) new mom, holidays have become pretty fun again.

Every little cheesy detail is exciting for me because, well, I'm a big, giant cliche, that's why. Even though this is technically my son's second Easter, he was a whopping 8 weeks old last year and not much up for egg hunting.


I think this year will be a lot of fun, though. Or a huge meltdown. Regardless, I'd love one of these Pottery Barn Kids baskets for my boy to carry around this Easter. I mean, you can only enjoy his second Easter once, right? (I know, I'm so lame.)

If you need an Easter basket for your baby, too, pick one of these up quickly. They seem to be going fast!

Or, have you found an equally adorable Easter basket for your baby?

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