How Do New Moms Find Time to Bathe?


It's been almost six weeks since my beautiful baby girl Kavya arrived, and I love every minute I've spent with her. But I have to say, it does feel like I've spent every minute of the last six weeks with her.

I didn't really notice it in the first few weeks after she was born, since I had my mom, my mother-in-law, and various other relatives around to help me out.

But now that my husband and I are trying to settle in to our everyday, back-to-work -- he out there in the world teaching college kids, me here at home blogging for sites like CafeMom and MSN -- just-the-three-of-us routine, it's exhausting. I mean, in the idyllic parenting vision in my head, I'd be able to squeeze in my career work, my novel writing spurts, and quality time with baby Kavi and my husband, all while prepping gourmet meals and keeping our new home immaculate. Admittedly, that's very typical of my occasionally high-strung personality.

And my sister-in-law, who's mom to a 16-month-old, tried to clue me in when she came to visit from California. Our new home is semi-unpacked, but mostly still chaotic, so she kindly offered to organize the kitchen for me. And of course I wanted to do everything myself. But I'm now learning that it just might be impossible -- and that it's stupid not to take the help when it's offered. Boy do I appreciate that spotless, smartly organized kitchen now that she's gone.

Because new mommyhood is a lot more time consuming than I expected -- especially breastfeeding -- even with my husband splitting the load. In fact, I will shamefully admit, some days I can't even find time to squeeze in a shower. And when I say days, I mean like, one, two, and once even three days in a row. Not my most shining moment, I know, but my gracious husband still managed to refrain from saying anything.

How do new moms find time to bathe? I'd really like to know.

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trach... trachmom312

I remember my first weeks home with my daughter. I find it hard to believe that it was almost 5 years ago. I does get better. Right now don't feel guilty that things don't get done as you planned them enjoy your baby there only little once. I don't think there is any mother out there who says I wish I would have spent more time cleaning my house or working and less time with my baby. If you need some time for yourself make it when your hubby comes home. Pump some milk during the day and when he gets home go out for a bit.. meet a friend for coffee or just go for a walk retail therapie does really work and buy something for you nice not your baby ( I know that part is hard). After my daughter was born and about 2 months old my Grandmother gave me the last part of my baby shower present and told me to go and blow it all on myself and not on the baby. Enjoy this time cause you will never get it back and don't swet the small things.

RanaA... RanaAurora

My husband watches my baby. Seriously. That's it.
My son would sleep in his swing in the bathroom.

madfoot madfoot

I had one of those vibrating chairs and would put her in it, in the bathroom, while I was showering. The first time she got really alarmed, and I had to hop out and pick her up; I have such a funny, clear memory of catching a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror, dripping wet and holding this tiny, tiny baby, who was so freaked out (by what? the steam? the noise? me disappearing?) that she curled up into an even tinier ball on my chest. But after a bit I showed her what was going on, that I was behind the polka dots, and she was OK after that. I would sing to her and peek out and she would just sit there philosophically mulling things over. I had a lot of 3-minute showers.

Hey, you think that's hard, try showering with a TODDLER who can run around! Sometimes she'll stand by the tub and babble in at me, but usually she'll just run off and that's the end of the shower.

nonmember avatar MC

I'm not a mom just yet but boy (or girl), this is good to know...

keeck... keeckhardt

I hear you on that. My only option was to use the baby monitor to hear DS if he woke up or to put him in his bouncy and let him lat there while I showered. I honestly don't think my legs got shaved for weeks while I was adjusting to mommyhood. Good thing was DH wasn't there to knkow it... he was in Iraq!

Nanas... Nanasmom03

When mine were babies I would put them in the crib, or put them in a bouncy seat or swing in the doorway of the bathroom. I couldn't go no 2 or 3 days without a shower. So, cryin or not, I took my shower. It doesn't hurt for a baby to cry for a few minutes. I must say u have a very nice lookn shower. I've always had a thing for bathrooms for some reason. LOL!!!!

Cafe... Cafe Jenn

I did like others did and showered while they were in the bouncy seat or if my husband was home, that's when I did it but it was really hard for us because more often than not, we met in the parking lot where I worked so he could take home our son and I could go to work. Those were really hard days but so worth it not to have to use a babysitter or daycare. I think it was harder when my second one showed up and we were still playing the swapping in the parking lot game. My second son only napped once a day from birth on. It was difficult but still worth it.

niami... niamibunni

At first with this baby, I didn't get to bathe until my husband came from work. The baby is 4 months old now and will hang out in his stroller in the bathroom while I shower. I have a clear shower curtain liner, so I pull back the cloth outer curtain so he can see me. So, all is well for the most part.

My first son was never a problem when it came to my shower time. He was always happy and would sit in his baby seat or in his crib while I took care of myself and the house and never had a complaint. He's 16 now and still pretty laid back.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Most of the time Ethan got put in the infant tub or swing in the bathroom with me while I showered. Sometimes, however (and when he got a little older) I would strip him down and put the tub in the shower with me. I couldn't leave him out of my eyesight while I showered (unless he was with somebody) because I was just to paranoid- but you figure those things out eventually! I mean, at some point you really aren't going to want to shower every few days, you'll want a viable 'routine'.

ARmom ARmom

If you're not leaving the house - no need to shower. LOL
But seriously - when they are THAT young, that is actually the easiest age to find time to shower. Plop them in the vibrating chair and bring them in the bathroom with you. Babies love the noise of the shower. Sometimes I would just put a screaming baby in their with the fan on, and it soothed mine right away. And I've even kept the fan on all night when the baby wouldn't stop crying (we have a bathroom off of our bedroom). But if you are really afraid to take one when no one is home, then take it at night while hubby watches the baby.

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