Baby Unimpressed with Birthday Cake

Kids and cake, they go together like peas and carrots -- but taste much, much better. I've been anticipating my son's first bite of cake ever since he started solids, and wow, look at that reaction. Could he be more, like, whatever, mom?


We waited until his first birthday party to give him his very first taste of forbidden fruit. Not only was he completely uninterested, but when we tried to force-feed him (yes, we were that enthusiastic about his first cake) he knocked it away.

Clearly our efforts in keeping the desserts away from him for a year was a giant waste of time and energy. All that hiding of the sweets before he turned one. Acting like there wasn't birthday cake at his sister's party just one month prior. Apparently we could have smeared icing all over his forehead and he would have quietly stuffed whole wheat pasta in his mouth while ignoring the sweet goodness dripping down his face.

Luckily the rest of the family was there to devour what he wouldn't eat.


Did your baby love his first birthday cake?

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