Must Have: Bunny Rattle ... and It's Organic!


bunny rattle

Photo from What Every Baby Needs

When my sister's daughter, Tennessee, was a baby, I made her a bunny toy for Easter. She was just learning to grasp things and she took that bunny everywhere she went. Until it eventually fell apart in the washing machine.

I want to make my twins the same bunnies, but I know that's just not going to happen -- I made T's bunny before I had kids and as much as I want to make them toys, I just never seem to find time. So I'm going to buy them bunnies (not real ones, not yet at least).


I love this miYim Organic Knit Rattle Bunny ($11.99) from What Every Baby Needs.

The soft cotton this rattle is made from contains no chemicals and was cultivated without pesticides or herbicides. I don't have to worry about Hunter putting this in his mouth -- he's quite the stuffed animal nibbler.

Do you try to buy chemical-free toys for your baby?

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