Loudest Baby on the Block


As I was saying...

I can't believe I actually worried about this, but I have such a vocal 4-year-old girl, when my son was born last year I was afraid he wouldn't be able to compete. You know, verbally. File this under "ridiculous things moms worry about" since out of the gate the kid has known how to express himself. Often at decibels only a dog, or mother, can hear. That's him in the photo - - expressing himself.


So now that we have two of the biggest yappers in the history of yapping sharing our home, I'm worried that my baby talks too much. No, he's not colicy and he's not crying, or even screaming in frustration since he can't quite form his rs yet. He's happily chatting away 24/7 as if he needs to broadcast to the back of a Broadway theater. Somehow, I feel I should be concerned.

It turns out I might be alone in this particular parenting neurosis. Searching for similar parents with the fear of chatter has yielded not one result.

Parents worrying baby sneezes too much? Yes.

Worrying that your baby poops too much? Absolutely.

But people (like me) who worry about never having another uninterrupted conversation with their spouse for the next eighteen years? Not so much.

Make me feel better, CafeMoms. What's your strangest baby worry?

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