Celebrity Baby of the Week: Sunny Sandler

Adam, Sunny and Sadie Sandler

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty


Sunny Sandler (16 months) is super chill kicking it in her Maclaren as big sis, Sadie strolls alongside her on the boardwalk in LA. In addition to making me super stoked about moving to Los Angeles in a few weeks (did you see the insane hurricane-like conditions we had in NYC this weekend??) Sunny's dad, Adam Sandler, helps put her over the top as The Stir's Celebrity Baby of the Week. Why?


Adam Sandler is clearly doing the "I'm taking the kids out of the house so mom can get some rest" weekend maneuver. Sunny is obviously benefiting as that is the most relaxed kid in a stroller I've ever seen.

Bravo, Adam! Thank you for setting such an amazing example so Sunny (Baby of the Week!) and Sadie can grow up knowing what it's like to have an involved co-parent. Loving it. Loving the stroller. Loving that beautiful SoCal sun(ny).

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