Michele Zipp: Twins Nursery Tour

Photo by Michele Zipp

Michele Zipp recently welcomed her twins -- Hunter and Penelope -- to the world and brought them home to this gorgeous and whimsical nursery.

I was lucky enough to ask her a few questions about the space she created for her twins, and I think what she's done in their nursery will inspire you.

Were there any sites or stores that inspired you in creating your twins' nursery?

My husband and I love woodland creatures, always have -- there are elements on it throughout our home. So when we had kids it was finally our chance to decorate with whimsical little critters. Sheri Reed, one of our bloggers, has a great eye for design -- a lot of her picks have inspired me.
shelf with hooks

Photo by Michele Zipp

What is your favorite design element of the room?

I love the shelf with the hooks. Sitting on the shelf is a combination of teddy bears I've had for years, my husband's baby shoes, and some new toys, too. Then we have some blankets and a sling hanging from the hooks along with Hunter and Penelope's coats. Looking at it makes me happy.

Having to double the cost of your nursery can be stressful. What did you do to decrease cost but keep the style and design you wanted?

My parents and my sister and her husband chipped in and bought us a lot of the furniture, which is from IKEA. So that certainly helped. We have these massive windows and curtains are so expensive! So I purchased fabric and made my own curtains. The couch is a hand-me-down from my sister. I also have friends who are artists and they made some of the wall art and gave them to us as gifts. All of the elements came together very well.

Photo by Michele Zipp

Is there something you splurged on?

We spent the most on the rods to hang the curtains! We really are blessed to have friends who chipped in and bought us a lot of items.

Since your babies are here, what's the one thing you would have done differently?

I wouldn't have the TV in their room -- I don't want them to watch TV, but before babies I was much more of a TV addict than I am now. We needed a spot for our second TV set and it was the only place the cable reached.

Photo by Michele Zipp

One piece of advice to moms decorating their nurseries?

I saw it as a time to have fun with all the child-like items I wish I could decorate my house with. So I would say for moms to follow a design aesthetic that makes them happy ... makes them smile.
What I loved most about the twins' nursery were the small details, from the framed art to the flowers on the walls. It's personal, and when creating a space for your baby (or babies!), making it personal really is key, I think.
Thanks for sharing, Michele!
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