A Nest Egg for Baby

engraved rock

Photo from sjengraving


When I was pregnant, I threw a lot of stuff out. You know, the junk, the clutter, the things I was keeping just in case. OK, I was hoarding!

My cleaning effort was an attempt to not be obsessed with things.

Then the twins were born.

Now I have a pile of preemie clothes that are just too cute to throw out, add in the blankets we first swaddled them in, and now I want this rock.

Of course, it's not just any rock. It's one engraved and it's like an egg and it's in a nest AND I already am in love with all things bird (see my wedding).


So maybe this is more of a gift for me, but it is for them -- a keepsake that they will appreciate when they get older. It sure would look cute in the nursery.

Baby's Nest is $18 from sjengraving.

And while we are admiring, can I just say I love the name Josephine? It's my mom's name, and the name my friend Gina is naming her daughter. They are going to call her Josie for short. Too sweet.

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