Best Baby Toy Ever: The Magical Blue Cube

blue music cube for babyMy son is turning one today (which I can't even believe, even though he's already requesting applesauce) and as I reflect back on his first year of life I hear a soundtrack ringing in my ear. Something like the Battle Hymn of the Republic followed by On Top of Old Smokey, rounded out by a tinkling version of I'm a Little Teapot.

That may sound annoying, but the pleasure, and quite frankly, the distraction this magical, musical blue cube has given my baby over the last seven months is invaluable.


My boy looooves music, and this six-sided wonder has delivered with brightly colored buttons that sing out when he makes contact with his chubby little hands. Each panel offers all manner of musical entertainment, though he gravitates to the faux CD player and barnyard animals that call out in their native tongue then play a little ditty. Still his go-to toy, the cube can soothe a sleepy six-month-old and a fidgety eleven-month-old with the same efficiency.

Can you tell we love this toy? I just wish we could remember a) who got this for us since we were clearly too out of it during those first crazy months of adding another baby to the brood to remember; and b) where we can buy it to take to the next baby shower we attend. I just spent half an hour cruising Amazon and Toys ‘R' Us to no avail.

Anyone recognize this toy? Anyone remember giving this to us last year?

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