How can I personalize the decor in baby's nursery? Creating a Nursery

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When decorating baby's nursery, many parents-to-be want to make the space feel truly one of a kind. Use these ideas when dreaming up some creative decor elements for your baby's room.

DIY Some Wall Art

"To make a nursery feel unique and special, I often have my clients create the wall art. What starts as an older sibling's finger painting on a canvas as a gift for their baby brother or sister can actually become an awesome piece of special wall art for the nursery. There are no limitations or rules on how to do it." -- Vanessa Antonelli, nursery, playroom, and kids' space designer and proprietor of Nessalee Baby

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Have an Artistic Family Member Do the Honors

"My husband painted a huge canvas with an abstract elephant for our youngest son's room."

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Add Accents With Meaning

"My daughter has a mobile of felt roses that my mom made, since her middle name is Rose."

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Use Baby's Name as Decor

"We spelled my son's name in large wooden letters on the wall, high above the crib. It looks so stylish and is definitely meant just for him!"

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Think Long-Term

"I recommend choosing items that can grow with them and they can use until they get older. I love the simplicity of pieces that can carry them throughout childhood, like a painting of stars and the moon on the ceiling. To me, this feels more personal than 'babyish' things because it's meant for the child they'll grow to be."

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Roll With a Theme

"We chose an owl theme. We have a huge wall decal of a tree with owls sitting in it. It'll be super cute when we're done."

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Incorporate Heirloom Pieces

"I asked my mom to cross-stitch a train with my son's name and birthday on it. My grandma crocheted a blanket with trains on it."

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