What are some fun nursery decor ideas that will fit into my budget? Creating a Nursery


Baby girl nursery.
Furnishing and decorating your little one's first room can feel like a daunting and expensive task. But it is completely possible to find cute, visually appealing nursery decor that won't break the bank! Here are a plethora of potential options beloved by baby gear experts and moms alike.

Choose a Big Feature That Will Pop

"Painting a feature wall or using peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great way to get your theme and decor ideas into your nursery design, if you are on a budget. Look for simple DIY projects using your baby's name or your nursery theme to create a large wall feature that will pop. Rugs can be a really fun and practical way to add color into your nursery design without having to spend a lot." -- Julie McCaffrey, chief baby planner and owner at BabyNav Baby Planners

Know There Are Affordable Cribs

"For parents who are trying to stick to a smaller budget, I'm a huge fan of the Ikea cribs, which are truly affordable and a blank canvas. If you want to make an investment, you can go with a crib that converts to a toddler bed or even a daybed and double bed. I also recommend using Etsy to shop for nursery decor." -- Olivia Howell, editor in chief, Gugu Guru baby registry site

Search on Etsy & Pinterest

"You can find a lot of great art prints on Etsy that are super cheap -- some that you can even print out yourself at home. Look for low-level Pinterest projects, if you're not super crafty. And there are stores with really great, cheap finds for the nursery as well."

Think in Terms of Accent Pieces

"Maybe you'll want to invest in a nice rocking chair that can be the focal point of the room. Then you can fill in with more affordable wall art, or, say, a dream catcher? Floating book shelves add unique visual appeal, as well."

Get Creative With Paint

"We painted a tree on our daughter's wall and added her name and a happy quote above her crib. Painted grass, flowers, bees, butterflies, owls, etc. It created a whole spring feeling."

Throw a Decorating Party

"Have a decorating party. Invite everyone over to help you. Ask them to come with cute ideas and some supplies. By the end of the day, you'll have spent quality time with loved ones and have the nursery done!"

Frame Your Baby Shower Cards

"Keep the cards that people gave you at your baby shower or buy a few cute ones. Frame the pictures with affordable frames, and use them as wall decor."

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