What should I look for in a stroller for a newborn? Getting the Right Gear


up-close shot of baby's feet popping out from the stroller.
When you go shopping for your first stroller, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the options -- and the prices! Here are the different features experts and moms say are important to have in a newborn's stroller -- consider which will be "must-haves" for you.

Make Sure It's Compatible With Your Car Seat

"First and foremost look for a stroller that can accept your car seat so you can easily transport baby from the car to the stroller and back. Look for a stroller that offers a full lay-flat recline or bassinet option so you can place your newborn right into the stroller. And when you are shopping, take strollers on a test drive, so you know it has a good suspension and stable push to avoid jostling your baby." -- Julie McCaffrey, chief baby planner and owner at BabyNav Baby Planners

Consider a Stroller Frame

"If you don't want to pick the stroller you'll be using for the long term from day one, just buy a stroller frame. It's economical! You can use that as your baby's first stroller with an infant car seat until your baby outgrows his/her infant car seat. Then, go shopping for a next-stage stroller." -- Sandra Gordon,founder of BabyProductsMom.com

Try a Travel System

"Most parents I know, including myself, get a travel system that includes a stroller that can be used at any age and an infant car seat that can snap into it. Or a snap-and-go, which is a stroller frame that an infant car seat can attach to. All for the purpose of not waking a sleeping babe, if you can avoid it!"

Look for Lots of Storage

"Make sure your stroller has enough undercarriage storage for your stuff! You'll have a ton. The ease of collapsing the stroller is also super-important. If you can find one that has a handle in the middle that you just scoop up, and the thing folds -- that's pure gold!"

The Bassinet Attachment Is Fantastic

"I love having one with a bassinet option. It's functional and also really pretty!"

Jogging Strollers Have Perks

"Get a jogging stroller, even if you would never run. The big wheels will let you take your baby anywhere. Our newborn babe was with us at a bumpy sunflower maze and checking out hilly outdoor gardens. Without the big wheels, we would never have been able to do as many of the summer outdoor activities that we love. Also the cup holders -- my husband and I love the cup holders on our stroller, and we miss them anytime we are out without the babe or if we take the umbrella stroller!"

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