How can I save money on baby items? Getting the Right Gear


Newborn baby boy clothes
Babies are adorable, but they can be expensive, too! Don't let your little one put a hole in your wallet before he/she even arrives. Try some of these tips for saving money on baby gear and clothes.

Know You Don't Need Everything

"Babies were raised in centuries past with very few baby-specific items. Ask an experienced mom friend to help you decide what's useful and what's not. For the items you do decide to buy, opt for gently used products (just check for recalls first) or borrow from a friend." -- Kristen, money-saving blogger at

Take Advantage of Yard Sales

"Baby clothes are usually still in great condition at yard sales, and you can't beat the prices. Best deals for a tight budget."

Wait for Sales

"I found really great items on clearance. Just shop around and go into stores because they will have items on sale or clearance that isn't shown online or in an ad."

Set a Budget & Stick to It

"Money is always going to stress you out, trust me! But if you can get yourself to stick to a strict budget, it will make things a little easier."

Focus on the Necessities

"A crib, car seat, diapers, wipes, onesies, pajamas, and blankets are the only things I think you absolutely need. We have a stroller, playpen, swing, cute clothes, and more for our daughter, but we could definitely do without most of it."

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