What are the most important things to get for my new baby? Getting the Right Gear


Newborn baby clothes, diapers, and a stuffed animal.

Are you wondering what baby gear items are really essential for a newborn? Check out what a doctor and moms consider "must-haves" so that you can decide what you'll need for baby's arrival.

Health, Feeding & Comfort Items

"I recommend vitamin D drops (vitamin D enhances bone growth, improves immunity, and decreases risk of certain cancers), a co-sleeper to enhance nighttime nursing, a breast pump, nursing pillow, nursing bra, car seat, stroller, baby bag, clothes, blanket, and a book about your baby's growth and development in the first couple of months. That way, in case something is abnormal, you will know when to notify your pediatrician." --  S. Daniel Ganjian, MD, pediatrician at Providence Saint John's Health Center, Santa Monica, CA

Start With the Bare Minimum

"What some moms think is absolutely essential, another mother will never use. It all sounds essential before you get into it and really find out what works for your family. What you truly need: diapers, clothes, car seat, and boobs. Everything else is debatable and unnecessary."

Stock Up on Diapers

"I bought diapers and wipes when they were on sale and I had coupons. Also, don't buy all one size. Get some size 1s and 2s, and don't get newborn size -- the hospital gives you a bunch!"

Alternate Sleep Spot

"It's nice to have a second place for your baby to sleep, such as a bouncer seat or swing. Our daughter loved to sit in her bouncer seat if she wasn't in my or my husband's arms."

Video Baby Monitor

"I couldn't get anything done without a video baby monitor. It offered such peace of mind while my baby was sleeping!"

Be Prepared for Germs

Two truths: your baby wants to touch everything and everyone wants to touch your baby. It’s a beautiful thing. Except for the germs. Make sure you’re stocked up with Babyganics alcohol-free foaming hand-sanitizer, hand & face wipes and hand soap! 

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