How soon after a miscarriage can I try again? Pregnancy Loss


woman's hands holding pregnancy test in bathroom.
After suffering a miscarriage, you may be eager to try again for another baby. See how soon you can start trying to conceive again.

Wait a Cycle or Two

"In general, I do encourage couples to wait a menstrual cycle or two. This is just to recover emotionally from the event. There is every reason to believe that things will have a happy outcome the next time you become pregnant." -- Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale University, New Haven, CT

As Soon as You've Healed

"Once I healed six weeks later, I got pregnant again. I'm now 37 weeks and five days pregnant. She's almost here."

When You Feel Ready

"My doctor was all for us going ahead and trying again immediately. She said my body was already prepped for pregnancy, and it might actually make it easier."

Get the Go-Ahead From the Doctor

"Make sure the doctor checks everything out to make sure there aren't any potential complications that could affect the next pregnancy."

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