What are some cute ways I can tell my partner I'm pregnant? Early Pregnancy


Couple in bed holding pregnancy test.

You got your first positive pregnancy test -- now it's time to share the great news with your partner! Get tips and suggestions for spilling the beans.

Take the Test Together

"I think doing a home pregnancy test is fun to do together. Many of my patients enjoy this. I encourage it, since knowing that you're pregnant sooner is really helpful for reinforcing good behavior. Thinking about some extra drinks this weekend? Well, if you know you're pregnant, you're going to forego them, which is good for the baby's health." -- Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale University, New Haven, CT

Make a Joke

"I said to my partner, 'This must be your fertile time of year.' All he said was, 'Really?' He shook his head with a big smile on his face and instantly knew."

Give Him Baby Gifts

"I bought some cute onesies, baby books, pacifiers, and a baby blanket and arranged them in a cute basket along with the positive pregnancy tests. I brought it to him all wrapped up. When he opened it, he almost passed out!"

Make It Sweet

"I decorated a cake with the words 'We're Pregnant!' and showed it to him. He was in shock!"

It Doesn't Have to Be Romantic

"We were doing IVF with our first two babies and had been counting down the days before we could test, so the first two times he was standing at the door watching me pee on a stick. It was the most unromantic thing ever but he was sure happy when they came back positive."

Get the Sibling in on It

"I wrote the news on one of my son's small T-shirts because my husband hates when I let him wear the ones that are too little. It read, 'My shirt is too little because I'm going to be a big brother.' He read it and immediately started crying like a baby. It was so sweet."

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