When will I feel the baby move? Early Pregnancy


Pregnant woman sitting on bed with her hand at belly.
Feeling your baby move for the first time is a wonderful pregnancy milestone. But when can you expect it to happen? See what an expert and moms have to say about those first flutters.

18 Weeks Is Average

"Although babies move right from their beginnings, most moms won't feel much motion until about 18 weeks' gestation (counting from last menstrual period). If you have a placenta in front of the baby (called an anterior placenta), it may take longer to feel the baby move." -- Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale University, New Haven, CT

Be Patient

"It seems like it's different with each person. Be patient -- it will happen! My baby kicks and moves when I'm lying on my back every time. I couldn't wait to feel him squirm around and now it feels like he's beating my insides."

Kicks May Come Sooner With Repeat Pregnancies

"I felt my first kick at about 19 weeks with my first baby. With my second baby, it was at about 14 weeks, and my third was at 13 weeks."

First You'll Feel Flutters, Then Kicks

"This is my first baby and I felt him kick around 17 weeks. I used to feel flutters, but around that time I felt very soft kicks. Now he kicks me so hard it's painful. I'm almost 24 weeks."

As Early as 14 Weeks

"With my first baby, I could feel and see movement at week 19. I'm too early in this pregnancy to tell, but I was told you can feel baby kicking as early as 14 weeks."

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