When should I send baby announcements? How late is too late? Capturing Special Moments


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You want to share the happy news that you've welcomed your little one ASAP, but adjusting to life with a newborn is no small feat! It's not unusual to wonder just how long you have to get announcements in the mail -- or these days, if you're expected to send loved ones a physical announcement at all!

In the First Six Months

"Anytime in the first six months is ideal. After 10 months, it's a little too late, as your child is quickly approaching their first birthday." -- Gina Wade, entertaining and lifestyle expert and special events planner for Gina Wade Creative, Los Angeles, California

Do It When You Can

"Um, before it's time to send out their graduation party invites? To me, there is no set timeframe, and most people -- with the exception of pushy old Aunt Mildred -- will understand that you've got a lot on your plate at the moment. If you get them out, great. If you don't, don't be too hard on yourself. You can always stick them in the same envelope as the holiday card. Yes, even for your January baby."

You Might Want to Aim for Earlier

"I think you should send announcements by 3 months old. By the time baby is 6 months old, it's just kind of weird if people don't realize you had the baby half a year ago!"

Stick With Social Media

"I didn't do official announcements, because I hate filling out envelopes. I even committed the major faux pas of not sending thank-yous for one of my baby showers, because I was a tired new mommy. So, there's no way I was summoning the energy to do announcements. Everyone I know is on Facebook or Instagram anyway! I just posted a photo a few hours after the birth once we were settled." 

Don't Stress About Being Quick

"I think the 'proper etiquette' is you have six months. It takes a while to get them put together, and you're a sleep-deprived wreck for the first few months anyway. I'd say as long as you send them out sometime before the baby is 1, you're golden."

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