When should my baby start to walk? Should I do something special to help her learn? Milestones


up-close shot of mom and baby's feet.
It's normal to wonder whether your baby will start walking earlier or later than other babies her age. Here's when a pediatrician and other moms say to expect baby to take her first steps -- and their opinions on helping her hit this big milestone.

Keep Baby Safe

"Most children start to walk between 12 to 15 months of age. There is not much that parents can do to speed up the process of walking. Allow your child safe opportunities to pull up to stand and walk along furniture. Walkers should be avoided as they do not encourage children to walk faster and can be dangerous. If you have concerns about whether your child is meeting developmental milestones, it is best to discuss this with your pediatrician." -- Deena Blanchard, MD, MPH, Premier Pediatrics, New York, NY

The Age Range Is Wide

"I was always really relaxed about milestones and just let them progress at their own pace with minimal intervention. My first child was 16 months, my second walked later due to having clubbed feet at 2.5 years old, my third was 19 months, and my fourth was 15 months."

'Peer Pressure' May Motivate

"I'd have to look in their baby journals to be sure the exact age, but our youngest started walking very early and surprised all of us. Guess she wanted to keep up with her big siblings!"

Make It Playful

"My daughter was around 10 or 11 months I think. She was running at her first birthday party. She had some walking toys she loved."

Bribery Probably Won't Help

"My son was 20 months old. He was very stubborn about walking -- even though we tried bribing him with M&Ms!"

Provide Space

"My kids were 9 months, 15 months, and 17½ months when they each started to walk. I didn't really do anything aside from allowing them the space to explore and be ready to move into that phase on their own terms."

Stay Positive

"My boys walked right around the 1-year mark. My oldest daughter walked at 11 months and my youngest daughter walked at 9 months. I didn't really do anything except to encourage them and smile when they did things."

Be Patient

"My kids were 9 months, 1 year, 1 year, and 9 months. I did nothing special. They just do it when they are ready for it."

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