What should I look for when choosing a pediatrician? Baby's Health & Wellness


baby at the pediatrician office
When it comes to choosing your baby's doctor, there's no one size fits all. Here's how to find the right pediatrician for your family.

Find Someone You Trust

"It's important to have someone that makes you feel confident about his or her recommendations for your child and can engage you as a parent in decision-making. Access should also be a consideration.  Does your pediatrician have weekend or after-school hours? Do they communicate via email or phone? A good communicator is also key, as issues develop and you'll want to understand what constitutes an emergency and what can be better handled patiently." -- Kameelah Phillips, MD, OB/GYN, AdvantageCare Physicians, New York, NY

Ask the Right Questions

"You can interview doctors and ask about how long they support breastfeeding, their views on vaccinations (delays, which ones they think your baby should get), how they recommend parents discipline their children, and their after-hours availability."

Consult Friends and Family

"My sister recommended her pediatrician to me and I've never looked back. If you have a way to ask other moms you know, recommendations count."

Consider a Family Physician

"My children see our family doctor. He knows our family history and happens to have kids around the same age as my kids, so he relates to us a little better."

Do Your Research

"When we moved, I didn't know anyone in the new town yet, and my kids needed checkups right away. So I did Internet research, looking for someone who took our insurance, was a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and who had received good reviews from patients."

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