What type of birth control is best to use after having a baby? Postpartum Recovery


A pile of condoms
If you are ready to have sex again after pregnancy -- but aren't ready to get pregnant again -- find out what an expert recommends and what worked for other moms.

Choose What Fits Your Personality

"The 'best' birth control is one that fits your personality and new lifestyle, so preference will vary from mother to mother. If you can manage to remember and comply with a daily pill, then go for it. Condoms work well if you and your partner are experienced and committed to regularly using them. IUDs, implants, and injections are excellent forms of contraception if you want a hands-off form of contraception." -- Kameelah Phillips, MD, OB/GYN, AdvantageCare Physicians, New York, NY

Condoms Work for Us

"We've always used just condoms, and amazingly they've never let us down! We only got pregnant when we tried."

An Implant Makes It Easy

"I have a birth control implant in my upper arm, so I don't have to worry about getting pregnant. And other than the occasional two-day periods, I don't really have a period anymore. I've also had no extra weight gain or other side effects from the hormones."

Understand Ovulation & Fertility

"I tend to get really crappy side effects from birth control -- weight gain, moodiness, etc. -- so we're just very careful. I track my ovulation and we use condoms when necessary."

Tubal Ligation Surgery

"We decided we were done having kids after our third so I had a tubal ligation done at the same time as my C-section."

Vasectomy Is Effective & Permanent

"My husband had a vasectomy. It was the least he could do after I gave birth to three children without pain medication. It is very effective."

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