What should I look for in a high chair? Gear You Didn't Know You Needed


baby sitting on high chair
Now that baby's ready to eat solids, your home is getting a new piece of furniture. Consider this advice when choosing a high chair that's right for your baby and your space.

Easy Cleaning Is Key

"Choose a high chair that is easy to clean, and easily wipeable. As a mom of three, I finally figured out that plastic or wood chairs without cloth or fabric work the best. Make sure your high chair allows your baby to sit in an upright position and the tray is easily adjustable so you can reduce the space between your child and tray to avoid spills in their lap." -- Lindsey Carter, MS, RDN, LDN, Back 2 Basics Nutrition LLC, Middletown, MD

Consider Comfort & Safety

"High chairs need to be comfy not only for a child, but also the grown-up! Wheels are helpful to bring your little one closer to the table. High chairs that grow with your child are wonderful as well. The seat can convert to a booster as your child grows older, which means they can sit at the table with everyone else and really feel included in the family meal. A five-point harness is also great for wiggly worms that like to shift around a lot while they eat." -- Leena Saini, author of Around the World in 80 Purees: Easy Recipes for Global Baby Food

Space Is a Big (or Small) Factor

"The most important feature is, of course, safety. Beyond that, I suggest looking for what fits your space and your needs. With my first child, we had the giant traditional high chair and it did great. When my twins came along, I needed something with a smaller footprint and less clunky to clean, so we downsized to smaller high chairs and they worked great!"

A Booster May Be Better

"For both grandmas' houses, we bought booster chairs that fit on top of regular chairs. They had tray attachments and worked just like high chairs but without taking up extra space. I wish we'd bought one for our house, instead of the traditional high chair."

Foldability Is Great for Small Spaces

"It was important to us to be able to put the high chair away sometimes. We picked one that folds, and I love that it doesn't always have to be out. After my baby grows out of it, I can easily store it and then bring it out for little guests."

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