How can I tell if my baby's physical development is on the right track? Milestones


baby lying down on the couch with legs up
Each baby develops at his or her own pace, and babies can hit milestones at different times. If you're concerned about your baby's physical development, discuss your worries with your pediatrician, and see what this expert and other moms have to say.

It's About Progress

"Babies' development goes from head to toe in the first year. They first gain head control, then some arm control, then trunk control, and so on. I tell my patients that as long as they see the process of development moving along, their child is likely fine. No child has to do what older siblings did or what another baby of the same age is doing." -- Brian Orr, MD, Brian Orr Pediatrics, Gloucester, MA

It Depends on the Child

"We all excel at different things and take our own time learning how to do them. Babies aren't any different!"

Some Babies Have Their Own Pace

"My daughter has hit all of her milestones late. She is a very laid-back baby, so I just let her go at her own pace. Her doctor is not concerned."

Encourage Physical Development

"Get down on the floor with your baby and play. The more experiences and stimulation you give, the better."

Don't Compare Him to Other Babies

"Just because your friend's little one is crawling at 5 months doesn't mean yours is abnormal or that anything is wrong."

Trust Your Gut

"I think a good rule of thumb is to trust your gut on reaching milestones. If you think something is really wrong, have the doctor check it out."

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