What foods should I introduce to baby first? Solids


assortment of baby foods
Moms take many approaches to choosing baby's first solid food. Get tips from an expert and from other moms to help you decide which first food is right for your baby.

Avoid Milk and Honey

"I like to recommend veggies and fruits first before meats. The only foods that babies under 1 should not get is cow's milk and honey. These are not due to allergy issues, but due to other reactions and toxicities." -- Brian Orr, MD, Brian Orr Pediatrics, Gloucester, MA

Cereal Isn't Required

"My first son hated cereal so we just skipped it. My second son, however, loves it. I mix it with breast milk."

Pureed Fruits and Veggies

"I plan to skip cereal, since I've been told there's no real need for it, and start on pureed fruits and veggies, starting with avocado, sweet potato, and banana, when my baby hits 6 months."

Go With Avocado

"Avocado can be easily combined with breast milk and mashed until it has a soup-like consistency. When we introduced solids, we started with single grain cereals and then did avocado, which is really a fruit actually."

Whatever You're Eating

"I gave my baby mashed potatoes -- liquidy at first, then gradually made stiffer -- so she'd get used to having something different from breast milk. Then I moved her to yogurt to help with her yeast outbreaks. Once she conquers that, I'll move her to things like mashed bananas and pureed broccoli."

Follow Your Child's Cues

"We tried cereal at 4 months, but he wasn't interested, so we didn't continue. Then, a few weeks later, I tried banana and then avocado. No dice. He threw them both up. But we just tried sweet potatoes and he loved them!"

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