What's the right age to start feeding baby solid foods? Solids


baby sitting on high chair eating food

Check out these expert tips and moms' approaches to feeding solids to help you figure out the right age for your baby to start.

Six Months Is the Magic Age

"Babies really need only breast milk or formula until they're 6 months old. Then they are developmentally ready to digest other foods." -- Brian Orr, MD, Brian Orr Pediatrics, Gloucester, MA

It Depends on the Baby

"All babies are different and develop at different speeds and have different needs. That being said, 1 month is definitely too young!"

Keep the Emphasis on Milk Until 12 Months

"Any solid foods before they turn 1 is just practice. Always nurse before giving solids and never replace a nursing session with a solid meal. Baby's weight gain can slow down drastically if she's not getting enough breast milk."

It's Okay to Delay

"I've never started solids with any of my kids before 8 months. They don't get them on a regular basis until probably after a year."

Four Months Works for Some

"I started feeding all my kids at 4 months. Start with one food at a time to check for allergies. I fed them cereal at 4 months, fruit at 6 months, then veggies, and then meat at about 8 months."

Wait Until Your Baby's Truly Ready

"My son is almost 7 months old and I've tried some bananas and apples, but he spits most of it out. He does that with just about everything he tries so now I'm waiting and feeding solids in a baby-led way."

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