What causes eczema? Skin Care


up-close shot of baby's feet with eczema

Understanding what might lead to your baby's eczema can help you treat it and get baby the comfort he needs. See what an expert and other moms have to say.

Eczema Can Be Hereditary

"Eczema is very common in babies, especially when either parent has this condition, or the baby doesn't produce enough ceramides to lock in moisture. Most babies outgrow the condition." -- Dendy Engelman, MD, Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, New York, NY

Seasonal Allergies Could Be to Blame

"My son's eczema is allergy-related and flares up badly in the spring when the pollen peaks. The rest of the year he's fine. We took him to an allergy specialist who has him on a prescription allergy medicine, nasal spray, and steroid cream."

Get Baby Tested to Find Out

"My friend's daughter has eczema and, after getting her tested, they found out she has a significant allergy to cats and grass. She has a whole list of things to avoid, including synthetic fibers."

Every Case Is Different

"You need to see a dermatologist to figure out what type of eczema your child has. The doctor will give you a plan of action to take with your baby."

It Could Be Connected to a Food Allergy

"My youngest had severe eczema when she was a baby. She literally had bleeding rashes all over her entire body, including her face. We found out that her eczema was mainly caused by food allergies. Once she was on a special allergen-free diet, her skin looked and felt so much better."

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